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lizzie thinks

January 2010

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lizzie thinks


Yay! Christmas! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Cheery Kwanza!

I'm quickly updating to wish a VERY merry Christmas to:
Jessica (For being my first livejournal friend, having good taste in books, and being generally awesome)
Sarah (What to say about you? As everyone knows, you're too fabulous for words, m'dear)
Paulina (You're lovely. You're just...lovely. No better word to describe it)
Erika (My personal stalker that I stalk - it goes both ways, though you haven't friended me yet *shakes fist*)
Suus (your accent, your humor, everything! And - this is newly discovered - Discworld!)
Anne (for being quirky, undeniably brilliant, and having an excellent musical selection - aka Say Hi To Your Mom)
Holly (who's entries - along with her family - never fail to make me laugh)
Lynn (For being a fanfiction writer, though we all know you're much better than most of that published rubbish)
Archee (Where are you? I miss you!)

- Gwen(ny)


Hotstuff, I have so friended you. I think.

Even though you haven't made me chocolates.

See? That means I'm a good person.

All I want for Christmas is yoooooooooooooooooooooooou
Ha! You just friended me after I informed you of this.

Who said I didn't get you chocolates? Hmph. And they were expensive too. Tricky business, poisoness chocolates. Having to talk to the Mafia and all.

I'm afraid you'll have to make due with just the chocolates. *sigh* alas, no Hotstuff.
*pats* It's okay, Gweeeeeeeeny; you'll always be Hotstuff to me.

Oh, I know. But for twenty bucks, I know a guy and eh, he can get you--*shifty look*--stuff.

He actually lives on Cleveland Avenue, in Melissa's old house.

Give me Chocolates! I need Calories that I will never work offffff.
Too fabulous for words? But of course! Did you ever doubt that? ;p

Right back atcha Gwenny-poo. You never fail to make me laugh. :D
*gasp* No, never! I was merely re-etching it into everyone's else's brain, m'dear.

Ah yes, the Gwen-clown. She's quite depenable, so I hear.
dependable. RIGHT.
And merry Christmas to you for being such a crazy, wacky, friendly and funny friend! ^__^


i'm not on the list! where's my happy channukah! never mind that i'm not an e-friend. i havn't talked to you in four days. isn't that weird?
Indeed! Though I talked to you last night

But nevermind that! OMG! Set of Desperate Housewives!


LoL i was ready to murder elana's parents by the end of that trip :) don't ever give elana the link to ur live journbal so SHE CANNOT READ THAT! emily's party.................. what does fun and games mean?
You are a perfectly lovely person too, m'dear. *snicker*

Xmas = over.

Here comes NEW YEAR'S EVE!
NEW YEARS! YAY! A clean slate.

So, have any plans for the ever-so-exciting night?