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lizzie thinks

January 2010

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lizzie thinks

Chili dog!

Ooooh, anyone happen to see the new way of seeing results on the search engine? Oh my. Very exciting, I declare. Please don't say that this happened months ago, and I've been under my rock again (that would be the second time in a month - it took me ages to realize we had 5 possible icons).
Today, I dog-sat for about two hours. Not just any old dog. A dog that possibly qualifies for cutest puppy award. Yes, THAT kind of dog. A 13-week-old doxen named Chili, if you want specifics. So freaking adorable, you have no idea. He was super energetic and hyper the first hour (this involved lots of chewing of the Gwen's hair, climbing all over her, and wiggling like no tomorrow). Then, the second hour, he slept in my lap. And peed on my rug a bit. Awwwwwwwww(?) =) Pictures should be up soon, once my mom installs the camera software on the computer.

Say, meet my lovely new daughter, dramaqueen210, aka Caitlin. Extremely cool person (she can do the chicken dance. How's that for talent?), and lives in Manhattan. Lucky duck.

Nothing else exciting, really.

Well, that's my life. MUNDANE as hell. Somebody fetch me some melodrama, quick.

I ♥ Fawlty Towers.


Ah, FaWlty Towers, I had spell check, wasn't thinking. OMG! My neighbor has all of them on DVD, I get to steal borrow them next week. :D

Did I ever mention how much I love your icon?
...More grandchildren?
Entirely your fault, mother. You're the one who adopted so many of us. Psh. Now run along and meet the newest edition. =)
She seems to enjoy chocolate.
Incidentally, have we related oursleves to one another? Haha, that dachschund sounds very cute and lovely, yup yup. Mine's cuter. And lovelier. And cuter. And smarter. And cuter. And hyper-er. Did I mention cuter?

*wince* What are faulty towers? A band?
Psh. I don't know about that. Chili was pretty damn cute. Do you have proof?

Fawlty Towers, actually. *blushes* I spelled it wrong. It's an amazingly brilliant old british TV show about a couple that owns a ratty, awful hotel called, "Fawlty Towers". It has John Cleese in it. =D
Ooooh, Fawlty Towers! I love that too - John Cleese is simply hilarious! I always look forward to the scenes where he completely loses it!
*nods* Those scenes are the best! I watched the episode about the American...pahaha! They went all the way with THAT stereotype (can't say it's that far off, either). I loved the part where the guy walks in on him "beating up" the cook.
In Love with the Eighties (Pink Tux tune) - Relient K

I think. *head scratch*

ZOMGTERROR. ISEE date = 1/28
Of course! I so knew that.

*sigh* You are the most insane person in the whole world, and as becoming as your extreme paranoia modesty is, you REALLY don't have anything to worry about. We all know you'll do brilliantly, dear. There will be so questions you can't answer, but it tests all high school applicants, not just ones for freshman. No need to get your knickers in a twist, especially with your smarts.
But bring a snack for break when you go. They're rather lovely to have.



OMG! You did it! Yay! How was it? Not too hard, ya?
wait...WHAT? You got in to your schools? ALREADY?
Nah. ISEE wasnt so bad. A mi no me gusta la matematicas.

=( But I still passed it, I think. The Practice Book makes it a LOT harder thn what it really is.