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lizzie thinks

January 2010

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lizzie thinks

Earthquake complaints

We just had an 3.7 earthquake. Again. We had another 3.7 on Wednesday night, from the same fault (Hayward). So, two earthquakes in 48 hours. Fun.

It's really weird because the Hayward fault's been quiet for so long (according to my dad). It's been that way since before accurate measurement devises were thought up, so there's not much of a known pattern for scientists to go on. This could either be a good thing, just letting off some of the tension that's built up, or small preliminaries for a really big one (which is supposed to hit in the sometime in the next 20 years--very soon, by earthquake time).
Eugh, it's just a bit scary. I mean, everyone knows the drills and what to do, but no one can ever be truly prepared, right?
Being in a minor one isn't bad, though. These were a little bigger than usual, so you could feel the whole house shake and there's rumbling (a few things probably fell). I always get the feeling that earthquakes move through space, coming from one side and going out the other.

Oh yeah, my school happens to be smack dab on top of the fault (and the fact that I live in a rickety old warehouse doesn't help, either).

Sorry for the complaining, folks.
(On a brighter note, I now have my traditional christmas icon back!)


*grins* I adore Death (the character, that is).

The Hogfather has never visited my house, but I still have hope. Perhaps because my mother's a vegetarian. Ah well.

How's the Christmas season been for you, so far? Have you eaten enough candycanes yet?
Yeah, um, wow, really dramatic quakes. The sound was the creepy part for me--hearing that unspeakably low rumble and thinking "OHFUXNOEARTHQUAKERUNFORADOOR" and then just that sort of light rumble. Then the panic as we go "Oh crap was that really huge and we just didn't feel it because we're on granite but still on the fault line?" and run around checking all the news and looking around the neighborhood.


My theory is some geek on Cal campus with some new earthquake summoning device. Seems pretty effective to me.

Ha! Your theory sounds pretty accurate to me--the guy's probably made hundreds of them and given them away as Christmas presents.

Did you feel the smaller one this morning?
No... I was at aikido. Too busy rolling around and swinging swords to notice a quake.

Ah, scary! I've never experienced an earthquake. I forget some people deal with them on a regular basis.

Hope all is going well, and that you have a very Merry Christmas! :)
Not really...well, once a year or so, I suppose. I guess that's frequent for most. This is just weird (there's been two more, too!).

I got your Christmas card! I was very excited. I'm sending you a postcard soon (or a letter. I haven't decided yet.)

How have your jolly-wolly holidays been so far?



Earthquake, eh? Wow.

I am wonderful. And how are you, my darling? It's been far too long since we communicated.

Re: Yo.

Yeah....scary, man.

I too, am pretty wonderful, and will continue to be so until finals start (bleh!). Are you busy right now, or do you have time for a quick chat via handy-dandy cellphones?