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lizzie thinks

January 2010

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lizzie thinks

Snow Trip

I just got back from a giant, school wide event called Snow Trip. We left in seven giant buses at 5 AM Tuesday morning (eugh), and got back late Thursday night. It was a four hour bus ride, but after we arrived we moved into our cabins and it was extremely fun. Skiing, snowball fights, sledding, making snow...women, even a dance at the lodge. I know some of you think I'm crazy for being so excited about snow, but it never snows here. Ever. It snowed four miles away from us last month, and that was shocking. Snow and Bay Area don't really mix, so three days full of it is something to be excited about.
I love how every time you walk in untouched snow you sink at least to your knee, and any attempt at running finds you tripping and falling into fluffy, crunchy, yummy, freezing snow (all these adjectives make me feel like one of those fanfiction writers that say "commmmmmmentz plz!!!" and write so poorly it's painful to read.)
The dance was really fun--I don't listen to rap or hip-hop, but I still had fun singing "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and damn right, it's better than yours" and pointing at Jason, who laughed.

And I'm being a very good girl and posting photos. None of me, but there's some school friends and an amusing video.

This is Chelsea in her sledding outfit.

Tim Hunt (It's fun to say his full name) looking odd.</td>

Karina and Sonamtso (left to right), about to go down a really steep, incredibly fun hill.

Anabelle with Lara behind her, just as they slid to a stop.</td>

Emily rolling the snow-woman's torso.

The Snow-woman!

Click here for the last photo.

A few of my friends: Priscilla, Anabelle, Abby, Emily, Zoe, Chelsea, Rachel, Sonamtso.

And THIS is a video of Tim, who decided it would be fun to go down an extremely steep, ungroomed hill that ended in a jump. Ouch (but funny!).

Tomorrow I'm off to Santa Cruz (a town consisting of surfing, hippies, and yoga centers) with mis amigas Simone and Gabby to attend our friend Hannah's sweet sixteen. This promises to be interesting...

P.S.I'm trying to reply to comments/conversations that I dropped without warning during the trip, but I might have to wait until Sunday to get them all. Sorry!

P.P.S. Thanks for all the music suggestions! They're all on a post-it note stuck to my computer, with multiple exclamation points after them.


SNOW! :D Even though I live in the Northeast, I love the snow and get super excited.
I thought so too. Apparently, some other kids came by later and made her a very...detailed husband.

Only cuz u didn't FLAME, plzkthnkz. lmao duh!!11!11!11!!!!!1
want chocolate chip??!??